Friday, February 27, 2015

Persona Poem-Dyslexic Life

I wake up with fear in the mind
Will this be the day I have to read to the class?
the day I stutter and fall?
will this be the day that my mask crumbles?
the one I spent so long building up?
memories of before run ramped in my head
my confidence is shaken
never to be restored,
forever gone?

I don't fear reading-
I fear judgement.
judgement of what they think.
desperate to be excepted,
afraid to be an outcast,

I've spent so long trying to hide my secret,
I've tried so hard to erase my tracks,
but were ever go it follows me like a shadow.
never gone,
but not always seen.
Not until I read though
like the sun, it shows were it hides

9 years,
9 long treacherous years I've learned.
I know the rules like the back of my hand.
then I read once,
and my achilles heal is revealed

people treat me with different waves of emotions after that:
sympathy, cause they feel sorry for what I have to bear
disgust, like they are going to catch it and become "stupid" too
disapproval, shaking of many heads as I walk by.

I didn't ask for this,
I don't see how its fair
I work twice as hard, and I'm the "stupid" one
I don't see how.
why am I to blame.

you won't become sick from me
I promise, you won't
don't be afraid.
I'm not disabled because of it either
I just think another way
outside the box you could say

you took the highway in education,
I took the senic route
we still got to the same place,
and in the same amount of time.
I just happened to pick up a few things along the way
Some tricks of the trade.
But,I really don't understand
what so wrong about being,

True, Lies of Life

our world is corrupt 
everyone knows it.
we suffocate this world  
with greed
with power,
with egos and envy,

we walk the Earth 
not a care in sight.
always taking, 
and never giving.
as a child,
we grow up learning right from wrong

you think you can trust people,
Then you fall out of favor, 
next thing you know your thrown to the curb. 

not many people know it, but 
life is a game,
like a hustler, we know how to win

why is it, that
we act like we accept things
it's always just a masquerade; 
behind each mask is the truth 

is the truth that bad? 
are lies any better? 
what happened to honesty?

if we continue this way we won't last much longer 
we'll die from another World War,
probably started by miscommunication and false accusation 
of course the war could be avoided if everyone just tamed their egos. 

So I propose that we come together. 
Join as one 
Unit and fight 
Cause together we'll stand 
Hand in hand.    

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Grandfather of the Night

Where have you gone?
one moment you're here
the next,

Was it me?
was it something I said?
why couldn't we've had one more day?
when you left you caused great pain.
mother said to be strong
said to put on a face for... her
but how could after how you left
I went to bed with the reassurance that you were fine
Then I woke up to reality.
That there would be no more memories.
the family gathered by that day
we comforted her as best we could.

2 years a have passed and the pain has lessoned
but not a day goes by that I don't think about you,
we were connected more then anyone else
we shared things no one else could.

Where have you gone?
one moment you're here
the next,


You think Michael Phelps is a swimmer?
Then you should see me, 
can you fly?
I can.
Butterfly is me, my stroke - you see?
Free is easy nothing to impress,
but fly takes time to perfect.

The Olympics are coming,
and they're calling my name:
to take the gold and bring Phelps to shame.

22 metals? What you call that good,
give me a turn,
and you will see that in the end, 
I will be
the next and better 
Michael Phelps 
That's Me.


Color Poem- What is Yellow?

Have you ever noticed the color yellow?
it's always there.
look back in time,
to long ago memories.
do you see it?


It forms around the edges,
like a faded shinny tint,
it's the light that brightens those memories.


What do you hear from yellow?
is it the upbeat summer tunes,
the ones that get stuck in your head,
and play over, and over
because it's always saying something.
it's the soft melody's that bring you comfort on hard days.
like a friend its there.


Have you noticed the color yellow?
it is very distinct.

it has a this sweet taste,
that keeps you coming back to it,
like a child and a cookie jar- never able to quiet stop.


Like a solider, Yellow protects you from all that's bad.
shields you away from all harm,
and disposes of all threatening things.


Yellow is Happiness,
and all that is good,
it is never to be forgotten
and never to be gone.