Friday, February 27, 2015

True, Lies of Life

our world is corrupt 
everyone knows it.
we suffocate this world  
with greed
with power,
with egos and envy,

we walk the Earth 
not a care in sight.
always taking, 
and never giving.
as a child,
we grow up learning right from wrong

you think you can trust people,
Then you fall out of favor, 
next thing you know your thrown to the curb. 

not many people know it, but 
life is a game,
like a hustler, we know how to win

why is it, that
we act like we accept things
it's always just a masquerade; 
behind each mask is the truth 

is the truth that bad? 
are lies any better? 
what happened to honesty?

if we continue this way we won't last much longer 
we'll die from another World War,
probably started by miscommunication and false accusation 
of course the war could be avoided if everyone just tamed their egos. 

So I propose that we come together. 
Join as one 
Unit and fight 
Cause together we'll stand 
Hand in hand.    

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